Complete My Exchange

Ready to request funds for a deposit or a closing? Please follow the prompts below to get started.

Instructions for Client

  • Please authorize that we may work with the Settlement Agent (Escrow/Title/Attorney, etc.) handling your purchase, by clicking the "Authorize Settlement Agent" button below, and filling in your Settlement Agent's Information.
    Authorize Settlement Agent
  • Once authorized, your Settlement Agent will receive an email with a link to an 'Acquisition Property Intake Form' form that they must fill out for the process to move forward - Please let them know to look for it!
  • Once your Settlement Agent completes the 'Acquisition Property Intake Form', you will receive your 'Request for Funds Form' in an email from Please verify with your Settlement Agent that the information in the form is correct, including the wire instructions, prior to DocuSigning. If you have more than one exchange open with us, please also verify that the funds are coming from the correct exchange.
  • After you DocuSign your 'Request for Funds Form', you will be texted a wire confirmation code and will need to give it to your Settlement Agent in order for them to confirm your request with us prior to sending your funds.
  • Instructions for Escrow/Settlement Agent

  • Please have your client visit this page, and instruct them to click the "Authorize Settlement Agent" button to the left and fill in your information.
  • Once your client authorizes us to work with you, you will receive an email that contains a link to an 'Acquisition Property Intake Form'. Please click the link, fill in the required information, and click the "Create Document" button at the bottom of the form to generate the 'Assignment' (for the Seller to sign at closing) and the 'Request for Funds Form'.
  • The 'Request for Funds Form' will immediately be sent to your Client in an email from . Once they DocuSign it, you will be sent one final email to confirm amount of funds needed and the date the funds are needed, and will need to enter the wire confirmation code that was texted to your client.
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are requesting funds for a closing (not a deposit), you must also send us an Estimated Closing Statement with our name appearing as follows: "1031 EA, LLC as QI for client". The calculations are not important at this point; we only require that our name appear on the closing statement as listed above.

    Give us a call at 866-944-1031
    or email us at